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about us

About Happy Faces

Happy Faces is an interactive platform where anyone can freely express their thoughts, feelings, or psychological issues. Everybody goes through some form of struggle in their life. Lack of emotional intelligence in difficult situations may lead to problems like depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and so on. For example, peer pressure can make people feel pressured into doing things which could cause cognitive dissonance, and bullying, harassment at work, etc., often forces people to take extreme steps.

Generally, these extreme steps are the culmination of long periods of agony and stress. Situations like this don’t necessarily lead to depression. However, facing these without any support can make them easy victims. However, most of the time, these problems don’t require a psychiatrist or a doctor and can be solved by "simply talking". Therefore, Happy Faces is making an effort to create a positive environment by providing a support system in which, no matter what your age is, you can freely talk to an anonymous volunteer and share your stories, problems, and experiences. Following the motto "Let’s Talk, We Are Listening" will help to lower the incidence of depression in our society and help in maintaining psychological, social, and mental well-being.

what we do

Our Objectives

  • Encourage people to express their opinions, feelings, and emotions freely.
  • Help people to bring out their frustrations which are killing them from the inside.
  • Develop empathy among the people.
  • Increase awareness about mental health.
  • Reduce the stress level in society by creating a group of like-minded volunteers.
  • Bringing mental health issues to the attention of the government.
  • We aim to remove the taboo on mental health in society.
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Want To Talk About Your Issues Anonymously?

Sharing your problems would reduce your anxiety, lighten your mood, and may even solve your issues. Not every problem requires the attention of a doctor. Simply talking can ease your life.

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