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Frequently asked questions

Happy Faces is a unique platform that offers a combination of listening, social networking (anonymous venting support), and companion services to its users. Whether someone needs to talk to a trained listener, connect with others anonymously, or find a companion, Happy Faces is a platform that can help.

Currently, we have three services: a listening service by volunteers, a social network platform, and a companion service for your day-to-day help, support, and companionship.

Generally, appointment timings for listening services (physical meetings) are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Timings for telephonic appointments can be flexible based on the availability of volunteers. Timing for companion services depends on the user's requirements, duration, and volunteer availability. Our social networking platform is open 24x7

The listening service involves trained and empathetic volunteers who are available to listen to users who need someone to talk to. This will make you feel relaxed and at ease and help you analyze your situation or whatever issue is concerning you. Ultimately, in the end, they will try to provide independent advice, if any.

Of course...You can!!! Our social platform allows user to vent out anonymously and it is completely free. You can also connect with our volunteers through telephonic or physical appointment.

Our social networking platform allows users to connect with others anonymously and not anonymously. Users can participate in discussions and receive support from other users who are going through similar experiences.

The companion service involves connecting users with a companion who can offer a helping hand, emotional support, and companionship.

A companion service has been launched by us to help people in need. Whether a student, working professional, housewife, husband, or elderly person, anyone can opt for this service.

We don't store or share any customer data with us.

You can share your personal issues without any hesitation.

You can discuss the issues in detail. We will try to address the issues, and provide independent advice if any.

Yes, we will try to help you as much as possible.

Yes, we are an LGBT friendly community.

Yes, we have specialised volunteers for couple counselling.

In the majority of cases, users don't require a professional psychotherapist. Only in extreme cases we recommend such consultations.