Happiness Index

What is self-assessment of Happiness and Stress all about?

Self-assessment is a way of evaluating one’s own condition and making the necessary adjustments in one’s perspective, performance, and preferences so as to create a positive lifestyle. It will help individuals better understand themselves. As a result, they will benefit in both their personal and professional lives.

It will give you an opportunity for self-introspection about your priorities in life and thus help you to live a less stressful and more productive lifestyle. This assessment will help you monitor your own progress and may raise issues that need further consideration.

Why is it required?

Self-assessment is required to help you know your strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes. It allows you to compare your progress over time with your goals and develop new goals using the information and analysis gained during self-assessment.

How will this self-assessment help?

This is a self-assessment tool that helps you look at your psychological stress levels. It can help you identify patterns of stress in your life. Thus, you can take focused steps towards a low-stress environment.

The Happiness and Stress Self-Assessment gives you a lot of insight into yourself and what you need, but more importantly, how to improve.

The importance of loneliness assessment arises from the fact that many people feel lonely, report a reduced quality of life and express negative physical and mental health consequences. It has been shown that there is no safe level for loneliness and it can severely affect quality of life, mental health, and social relationships.

Are you ready for self-assessment?