Navigating Over thinking and People Pleasing: A Delicate Balance

At 21, I do not fit the typical mold. Friends and family, upon meeting me, often express disappointment. This fuels my over thinking and undermine my self-love confesses Prisha. She grapples with the constant need for validation and an overwhelming c...

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Ghosting: A Barrier in Relationships

He just stopped talking to me; I do not know why. I felt like I did something wrong, shared Shalini (name changed), expressing her disappointment as her best friend and romantic partner avoided communication despite her efforts. This experience is...

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A Secure Environment for Real Connections - Happy Faces Social

Anonymous social networking site for mental health Are you having the impression that you aren't actually engaging with anyone as your social media feeds is getting old, right? Do you wish there was a social media site that valued genuine conv...

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